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Mother/Son Brunch

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

On May 13, 2023, we had our first "Mother/Son Brunch". Being perfectly honest, I was so nervous. I paced back-and-forth as I waited for the guests to arrive, and was double checking everything every 5 minutes. After all of the guests arrived, I introduced myself, explained why I chose to have the brunch, and played "Special" by Lizzo for them. I chose that song because I wanted them to know that even if no one told them often, they were loved and special. Afterwards, we prayed and everyone ate. I guess the food must have been good because it was going fast.

While everyone ate, I talked a little about myself, my sons, and the importance of mothers having a relationship with their sons. I then had the young men come to the front, tell their moms one reason they loved her, and present her with a gift. The idea was to catch the boys off guard so that they would speak from the heart. Let's just say all the moms were smiling and wiping their eyes.

Afterwards, the families took pictures and made a video on the 360 machine. As I watched them, I smiled because even if their mouths didn't say it, their faces showed how much they enjoyed it. As the event came to a close, everyone (even the children) were coming to me telling me how much they enjoyed it, so yes..I was very happy!!

It was a lot doing everything by myself but it was definitely worth it and I am looking forward to next year!!

P.S. If no one told you today...YOU'RE SPECIAL!!!

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